Vie Capital Partners are operating investors focused exclusively on healthcare and life sciences companies. Our team of highly successful entrepreneurs, operating executives and investors apply their experience and insight to build market-leading companies of lasting value. We make long-term investments in privately held growth-oriented, profitable specialty healthcare businesses, and act as a catalyst for formation of new businesses. We are dedicated to using our combined management experience and capital to increase the value of each company Vie Capital Partners invests in.  We strive to be the buyer of choice for private lower middle market healthcare and life sciences companies.  Private Equity firms and pure financial investors will typically look to lock the business leader up in a long term contract which holds them to specific performance driven hurdles over time.  Competitors or other industry participants will often look to take certain assets, customers, or employees, but may dismantle much of the business upon acquisition.  We look to build on the success of the business by bringing deep industry and operations knowledge to complement the existing foundation.  People are very important to us and we look to cultivate a culture that respects and develops employees and supports the continued successful growth of the business.  We are able to structure acquisitions to the needs of the owner and can tailor for tax efficiency, estate planning, timing , transition profile, lifestyle, and other objectives.